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Listening to bar tracks sample file

Volume 3 has a little bit quick and fast tempo

than the previous version of Vol.2, 

and the length of tracks for center works is longer than before 

so that it can be easy to apply to small groups in succession.

Every track and melody makes your body 

moving naturally with proper motion and positions, 

meanwhile it also touches dancers' emotion in the class.

This CD has not only beautiful original classic music of 

[Symphony No.2] by Rachmaninov

[Clair de lune] by Debussy

[The Seasons] by Tchaikovsky

[Introduction et rondo capriccioso]by Camille Saint-Saens

but also various pop music for 

'Christmas song' from the movie [Love affair], 

'Somewhere in time' by John Berry , 

'Secret garden' and etc.
Exciting and dynamic accents in Jump tracks are also 

strong good points of this class music.

We hope you can have a great class with this title.








♧  Information of overseas website ♧

☞ 中文网页   www.soundofballetchina.com

☞ 日本語のネットショップ   www.soundofballetjapan.com

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