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This is new style of ballet class music

by collaboration with ballerina, Jen Na Lae and musician, Joon Soo,

which of the title, [FEEL MORE].




This special music has difference with other piano music.

All the tracks are played with band members

who play various instruments

with full sounds and music.




The music is based on acoustic pop

with jazz, Irish, tango, waltz, rock,

so you can listen to this music

in not only ballet class

but also natural moments in your life.

** 26 tracks **




※ Artists



[ Ballerina Jeon Na Lae ]


She became famous through Korean TV show 'Dancing 9',


but she has already danced and performed as a professional dancer before the show.


She hope this brand new music could make people

to feel ballet more familiar and interesting dance.


She plans to have various collaboration with other artists

and produces Christmas ballet music in 2016.




[ Musician Joon Soo (Vocal, piano) ]


He is the leader of Korean music band,


the name of 'Untouched Wind',


and make his own music world with special philosophy into the music.


This CD, 'Feel More' is another start of new life of the music


and we expect his more activites and music from now on.



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